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Service Call & Basic Services

Our Service Call is among the most competitive in the local region. Our Service Call rates cover the visit of our knowledgeable and experienced staff and unless noted, do not cover time on your call. We do not believe in charging our customers an hourly rate as our proficient staff is able to solve most issues in just a matter of minutes. We also offer a lockout service with our prices listed below. All new visits are charged a Service Call and additional services are listed below.

  • $125 Normal Business Hours 9am-5pm (6pm during the Summer)
  • $200 Emergency Closing till Midnight (labor is doubled)
  • $250 Midnight till 6am (labor is doubled)
  • $150 Evictions. 1st hour included. Every hour after is prorated
*Please note that we do not subcontract to other companies, and we do not always have the ability to send our own technicians out past our normal business hours.

*Please note at Eviction Service Calls that legally require the presence of a locksmith, we have no control over the arrival time, or on site decisions made by Law Enforcement serving The Writ of Eviction. The Locksmith is under the authority of Law Enforcement on site.

  • $25 Residential Entry per locks (by picking or drilling), Automobile Entries, Standard Broken Key Removals
  • $50-100 High Security Lock Entry, In most cases will require destruction of the lock to gain entry.
  • $45 Entry, U Style Lock or Club Steering Wheel types. Hockey Puck Padlock types

*Please note, all entries require legal identification proving your identity and residence or ownership. Special case may be made for 3rd party access but will require a signed statement. Please contact us for more information.

  • $25 Drop off/Pick charge – DC Proper
  • $150-250 In-climate weather pricing. Labor is doubled. This is in effect when The DC Government declares a ‘Snow Emergency,’ or the region is under extreme weather advisories such as hurricane and flooding. This is rarely in affect, but please understand that we must also be concerned with the safety of our staff. Please allow extra travel time and understand we may not be able to service all areas do to road conditions

Rekeys, Recoding and Recombination

Rekeying is the technical term for changing a lock. A rekey keeps the customer’s existing hardware & usually requires no new hardware. Some locks require the existing key to be rekeyed. Pricing for specialty rekeying services can be quoted on site by our Locksmiths. Rekeying is the most common tasks our Locksmiths perform. Please note some locks may not be rekeyable and may require replacement.

*Pricing is by cylinder, not by lock, as some single locks contain 2 cylinders

  • $25 Most Standard Residential Locks, 2 keys provided.
  • $5-10 Surcharge for Shimmed Rekey, Standard Cylinder.
  • $30 Rekey Yale 112 &197 series locks, 2 keys provided
  • $35 Profile Cylinder Rekey, 2 keys provided
  • $45-$55 Mul-t-lock High Security, No keys provided. Keyway and Complexity dependent
  • $45-55 Master Rekey, 2 keys provided. Advanced mastering is available
  • $10-45 surcharge on locks with non standard mounting, architectural trim, or panic devices.
  • $25-35 Kwikset SmartKey Recode
  • $50 Simplex Recode
  • $100 Recombinate Simplex Cypher Code Box

*Keys are provided by grouping. You will 2 keys for every group keyed alike, but not 2 per cylinder in that group. Mul-T-Lock Keys are included in

*please note when doing a rekey of a Kwikset or Baldwin SmartKey or Schlage SecuraKey type lock, we cannot warranty this service as this falls under the manufactures instructed reset for these types.


Repairing a lock is the preferred service rather than replacing. Most locks do not actually need to be replaced and a simple servicing or part replacement can be the solution. Our pricing takes various factors into account, such as the actual problem, brand of lock and it’s cost, as well as short term versus long term viability of the repair. In some cases a repair might be nearly as much as a replacement lock and thus not practical. Our Locksmiths can give you the best options for your particular situation.

  • $25-35 Basic repair, strike plate adjustment, etc for residential locks
  • $45-65 Advanced repair, generally for commercial applications
  • $75-100 Advanced and Mortise repair.
  • $100+ Non Standard repairs, Ask locksmith for quote.
  • Parts pricing is not included, can be quoted on site.

*Please note some mortise locks require more work and thus have and an increased rate. Our Locksmith will inform you.


Installing a lock is quite simply the act of physically installing hardware. It may be mounted into an existing hole already prepped or a hole that we cut.

  • $25-$45 Most hardware installations, simple cylinders to modified installations.
  • $75 Fresh Installation, “Jigged” Installation, Mul-T-Lock deadbolt installation.
  • $65-$85 Adams Rite Commercial lock installations, existing door prep.
  • $100+ Traditional Mortise Installations. Price based on trim, time & work involved.
  • $250 Adams Rite Commercial lock fresh installation.
  • $350+ Fresh Installation, Mortise Lock, Price based on trim, time & work involved.

Mailbox Locks

In most cases, apartment living includes checking your mailbox. There is a common misconception that only the Postal Service can change your mailbox lock. However, this is not the case and is one of the most common tasks we perform.

  • $50 All Mailbox Service
  • $15 Simple Mailbox Lock
  • $35+ for Specialty and High Security Mailbox Locks

Impressions & Desk Locks

Impressioning is one of the oldest techniques in our trade and is rapidly becoming a lost art. It is the act of creating a key for a lock, where one does not exist, and without opening, changing or rekeying that lock. It can only be done on a few types of locks, such as desks and file cabinets, but can be a valuable service. We are also able to install and service locks on many existing desks and file cabinets.

  • $75+ All Impressioning, all desk work, Some work may have additional charges, Your Locksmith can advise you.

Antique, Classic & Exotic Lock Work

From time to time, we get calls for the truly unique locks in Washington. It is nearly impossible to list all the types we have encountered, and we enjoy working on them all! Please contact us for service of any type, no matter how strange or exotic, old or interesting. Pricing may vary.

Hardware Pricing

District Lock carries a wide verity of locks and parts from many manufactures. Please note, however, that we cannot carry it all and some items may require special order. We proudly carry Schlage, Kwikset, Mul-T-Lock, Ilco, Progressive, Yale and many others. Below is a general listing, specialty trim and color can affect pricing.

*Clinders $25-150

*Door Knobs $30-$150

*Lever Locks $75-$350

*Single Cylinder Deadbolts $30-$250

*Double Cylinder Deadbolts $40-$300

*Surface Mount Deadbolts $85-$250

*Mul-T-Lock Keys $15 for Plastic Head Keys, $20 for Metal Head Keys. After June 1, 2017 Plastic Head Keys will be $17.50


District Lock warranties all service performed for a period of 90 days. This covers normal wear and tear, and implies that the door or mounting for the lock is within reasonable condition and working order. We cannot be responsible for damage by the customer or a 3rd party, or improper follow on work by the customer or a 3rd party. District Lock will honor, within this warranty, the parts and hardware it installs, however, any warranty issues past 90 days are solely the responsibility of the manufacture. We do not warranty work by any other service company and any work completed by another company on said lock (after our service) voids this warranty. Improperly cut duplicate keys by a 3rd party are not the responsibility of District Lock. Key Control and distribution issues are not the responsibility of District Lock. This warranty does not extend to electronic or powered locking devices.

*please note when doing a rekey of a Kwikset or Baldwin SmartKey or Schlage SecuraKey type lock, we cannot warranty this service as this falls under the manufactures instructed reset for these types”


By authorizing our technicians, verbally, written or otherwise implied to perform your desired work, you are hereby granting District Lock and it’s employees and agents access to your home and space necessary to complete your work. Although our Locksmiths are among the most proficient, accidents do sometimes happen. We take no responsibility for any damages, scuffs, marks, dents or dings previous to, caused by, or remaining after our technicians visit. Although all care is taken during vehicular entry, we will not be held accountable for paint scouring.

*please note when doing a rekey of a Kwikset or Baldwin SmartKey or Schlage SecuraKey type lock, we cannot warranty this service as this falls under the manufactures instructed reset for these types”