While it is wholly up to our customers as to which company they chose here are some frequently asked questions to help you make your decision. Some of these FAQs may be “revealing the magic trick” of other companies, but we feel that an educated consumer is our best client!


Q.  Why do you charge a service call?
A.  The service call cost covers items such as insurance, salaries, advertising, gas and vehicle  maintenance and other minor costs associated with the business.

Q.  Why don’t you charge by the hour?
A.  In most cases, the tasks that we perform are completed in minutes.  Other companies will purposely waste time in order to charge you more.  However, we realize that your time is just as valuable to you as it is to us.

Q.  What is a rekey?
A.  Quite simply, a rekey is a modification of your existing lock to be able to use a different key.  This will make you old key no longer usable.

Q.  Is it smarter to have different keys for all my locks?
A.  No. The logic in that theory is that if you lost one key, you would only need to change that lock. The reality is that you likely keep all your keys on one key ring, and if you lose one, you will lose them all. By keying all your locks to the same key, you simplify your life!

Q.  Why don’t your trucks carry the company name or logo?
A.  We don’t decorate our trucks because of privacy concerns.  Customers may not want their neighbors or other people knowing who was at their home.

Q.  You just rekeyed my locks but the copies from the hardware store don’t work.
A.  This is due to bad copies of the key generally made in a misaligned key machine at the hardware store.  This is not the fault of the locksmith.

Q.  I have one lock but you charged me for two rekeys? Why?
A.  You have a double cylinder deadbolt. This is a single lock that has a cylinder on the outside and the inside.  As we charge by the cylinder, it’s therefore two rekeys.

Q.  Your service call is $85.00 but the other guy is $29.00.  Why is your service call so much higher?
A.  This is the classic bat and switch.  These companies quote low and then raise the price as they get to your job site.

Q.  What is lockpicking?
A.  Picking a lock is mechanical manipulation of the cylinder to unlock it. Essentially, we are making the cylinder believe that it has a key in it!

Q.  I need you to pick my lock to get into my house, what do I need?
A.  Other than payment, we need proof of residence, and ID. If your ID doesn’t have the address of the home you need to get into a piece of mail such as a bill will do nicely

Q.  I am house sitting for a friend and locked myself out. Help!
A.  Of course we can help, however we need written permission from the resident naming you as a person we may allow entry for. A signed letter with a copy of the residents ID would do nicely.

Q.  Can you pick my lock?
A.  Maybe.  Locking picking is an art – not a science.  Every lock is different and we do try our best; however, we may not always be able to pick your lock.

Q.  Can a criminal pick my lock?
A.  Generally speaking, the tools to pick locks are highly regulated and most criminals are not worried about picking your looks since they’d just as soon kick the door in.

Q.  Can you promise me that a criminal will not break in?
A.  No. Quite honestly locks exist to keep the honest people honest. Good locks make it far more difficult for a criminal to get in, but it is impossible to guarantee.

Q.  I want a Grade 2 deadbolt because its UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Listed against break ins, Is that good?
A.  That’s great! In a static laboratory environment. Rarely if ever do real world installations match a static lab installation.

Q.  If I buy my own lock will you install it?
A.  Absolutely! However please do make sure that you buy the same style as you already have. Certain locks require certain cut outs in your door.

Q.  My locks work when the door is open, but not when its closed. What’s wrong with my lock?
A.  Nothing! Your lock is fine, The problem is the alignment of the door. It can be an easy fix by adjusting the strike plate, or a more involved fix needing hinge repair by a carpenter or door company.

Q.  You were here for 5 minutes and picked my lock, why do I have to pay full price?
A.  We do not charge for our time, however we do feel our rates are highly competitive. Our skilled locksmiths have years of training and sometimes, they just make it look easy!

Q.  I’m sorry sir or ma’am but I don’t have the parts I need on my truck, I need to come back. Will you charge me a 2nd Service Call?
A.  No. Its never the customers fault we don’t have the part.

Q: What is the best lock I can put on my door?
A: What is the best for your door may not be the best for another’s. Doors are all different, and there are many different types of locks. There are good brands out there, and there are bad. A technician can help you decide what the best is for you!

Q: What brands of locks do you carry?
A: We carry numerous brands, among them Kwikset, Schlage, Progressive, ILCO and Mul-T-Lock High Security. What we do not have in stock, we can usually order for you.

Q: How long will it take for my special order parts to come in?
A: Special Orders depend on numerous things. Some manufactures just take time. Some items are based on our own stock. We do not stock everything as it simply isn’t feasible, but most items take a week to ten days.

If there is a question you have and don’t see it here, call us!