District Lock does its best to be the only company you will ever call for your locksmith needs, but realistically, this just may not be the case. Here are some helpful tips for the customer to select the right company. We have also discovered that some of these tips work just as well for Plumbers, Electricians and other home service providers.

– Avoid companies that are playing the name game. Companies whose names are numbered or lettered “123” or “ABC” for example are simply doing this to manipulate searches and hope you will just call the first company you find.

– If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Service Companies have to pay for parts and hardware and turn the costs over to the customer. If the company or tech is offering you free hardware, make sure that nothing is being hidden in the labor cost.

– Reputable companies do not charge $29.99 for a service call. For locksmiths in the DC Metro Area, the going rate for a service charge is between $75-100. Companies that are charging unbelievably low service fees are using classic bait and switch techniques.

– Do not trust a company that cannot give you prices over the phone. Reputable Service Providers can absolutely give you an idea and get you into the ballpark for pricing. Most of the time a few basic questions can get you within $25 of the final price.

– Beware of companies who will only accept cash. This is universally a scam for the technician to “pocket the job.” If you can only pay in cash, make sure you receive a receipt with the company name and is clearly marked that you paid in cash!

– Reputable Companies should not charge you for an estimate. They are bidding for your work. Asking you for money for the time spent on the estimate and survey is just bad business.

– Go with your gut! Pick the company that you feel most comfortable with. Choose the company that you are confident will be the best in terms of service, price, competency and efficiency.